Web Application and Database Security Services


Web Application Security

Even businesses that work on secured networks access public networks, like the Internet. The World Wide Web holds a wealth of information and just as many threats to data security. Pixcel Square Technologies in India provides comprehensive data security solutions that include protection from malicious code introduced by web-based applications.

Why Web Application Security?

Most companies know that they need to secure their servers and other network devices to prevent unwanted access or hacking threats. That is where firewalls, user authentications and permissions come into play. However, hackers can insert code at the application level—such as search bars or contact forms—to gain access to or disrupt communication between the user interface and the underlying database or network communication path.

Multi-Level Web Application Security

As your managed IT service provider Pixcel Square Technologies delivers multiple layers of protection to keep hackers from infiltrating your network from web applications. Our comprehensive data security solutions include:

• Firewalls configured to deny access to sites that most commonly introduce threats, such as pornographic and gaming sites
• Antivirus protection that is continually updated with the latest virus definitions
• Intrusion detection that alerts our network administrators of any unauthorized network access If employee productivity is more the issue than web application security, we can also restrict access to sites defined by company policy.