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RFID Security

Improving the safety of students has always been a top priority for the concerned institution or Educational Institute’s authorities. Pixcel has launched a next-generation student safety solution, Edsafe™, which aims at improving student safety, increasing productivity and reducing costs of operation. The Edsafe solution is based on RFID technologies and uses GSM network and specialized applications.

The RFID solution helps in tracking students. Students would be given an advanced long-range RFID enabled ID badge that would help authorities identify absenteeism, ensure student’s safety during their commute to and from the institution and also guarantee that no student is left behind in institution during any evacuation procedure.

The Edsafe™ Solution

Edsafe™ provides unmatched features; complete security, affordably priced options, unlimited technical support, powerful tracking and no additional hardware & software required. 

  • Entire campus will be in real time surveillance. Will track each and every in/out movement of students automatically.
  • Student does not need to go near ID card reader. The Powerful Edsafe Reader will automatically detect the arrival and departure of the student remotely.
  • It will automatically mark the student attendance. There is no need for manual roll call.
  • It will automatically inform the parents via SMS whenever their kids arrived or left institution. Edsafe™ is specially designed for such purpose and much more.
  • Edsafe™ combines advanced RFID technology and widely used cell phone message service provided by telecom companies, to build a powerful and convenient tool for the communication between institution and parents.

How it Works?

Advance RFID Readers will be installed near the gate of the school campus and connected to Edsafe Application Server.

Students wearing Edsafe RFID Cards will be detected automatically when passing school gates, the SMS and Email will be sent accordingly to their parents.

Each student wears an advanced RFID enable badge. When they pass school gate, the reader will detect those RFID enabled badges, judge his direction.

At the time of Student arrived in campus, it immediately send the alert message to parents. For example: “Dear Parents, Deepika Gupta has arrived school at Fri May 20, 2012, 07:50:23 AM.”

At the time of Student Departure from the campus, it immediately send the alert message to parents. For example: “Dear Parents, Deepika Gupta has left school at Fri May 20, 2012, 07:50:23 AM.”

If the student is absent then it will inform the parents via SMS or Email. For example, Dear Parents, “Deepika Gupta has been marked absent today for not attending school.”